How we can help...

We provide a diverse range of services, spanning basic bookkeeping to comprehensive accounts and tax guidance. At Cornflower Accountants we can assist with the following:

  • Bring in all of your invoices and receipts and we can complete the bookkeeping either monthly/ quarterly or annually.
  • We can assist with the preparation of your annual accounts for your self-employment business.
  • Personal income tax return preparation and submission to HMRC.
  • PAYE Tax Coding adjustments.
  • Specialist tax advice on many complex areas including Statutory Residence Tests and Capital Gains Tax.

If you don't spot the service you're after in the list above, give us a message anyway; we'll either sprinkle some advice your way or hook you up with someone who can work their magic!

Let's spill the beans on the cost...

Ok, so we've told you how we can count the beans... now let's tell you how much this will all cost! We are extremely competitive and the list below will give you a rough guide as to what you can expect:

Personal Tax Return - Fees start from £180 per year
Accounts - Fees start from £100 per year
Complex Tax matters - Fees will be charged at £120 per hour
Payroll services - Fees start from £20 per month
Ltd Co (Accounts and all relevant Returns) - Fees start from £500 per year

Please note the above figures are just rough guides and we will happily discuss fees in more detail when we talk about signing you up as a client.

Please also contact us if you wish to have a quote for any work you wish for us to undertake.